Barge Cleaning Facility Opens In Corpus Christi

By Heather Ervin

May 15, 2017

The new barge cleaning facility is located approximately 16.5 nautical miles north of the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge near Aransas Pass, Texas.
(Photo courtesy of Steven Harmon)

Nature Environmental & Marine Services LLC recently opened Redfish Bay Terminal at Mile 535 along the Fulton Cut near Aransas Pass, Texas.

The terminal will operate as a barge cleaning facility, where it has the capacity to hold 15 to 20 barges with 900 feet of bulkhead for various types of barge services. “This facility is in complete compliance with all regulatory authorities pertaining to barge fleeting, cleaning, degassing and depressurizing,” said Steven Harmon, operations manager.

With seasoned employees of the barge and tank cleaning industry at the helm of facility operations, the facility can provide cleaning services on all types of barges, including dry cargo, dangerous liquids and other sensitive materials.

“As an environmental services company, we can also provide the collection and disposal of slops, bilge, oily waste and trash with an emphasis on environmental protection and awareness,” said Harmon.

The company provides degassing services for all types of cargoes and barges that utilize the facility’s new thermal oxidizer unit, in addition to depressurizing all types of LPG barges through its high pressure lines, according to Harmon. “Other services can be developed and designed to provide a more personal comprehensive experience for our customers based around their particular needs,” he added.