A screen shot from Rose Point ECS Fleet Services shows the exact track of a vessel traveling the Ohio River over the course of a day.

July Release Anticipated For New Rose Point ECS Fleet Services Software

A company will be able to manage an entire fleet of vessels from one shoreside point with Rose Point’s new Fleet Services software, launching in July.

The software, which is currently in beta testing, is available for those who have enrolled in Rose Point ECS Update Services, a subscription-based update service for charts and navigation publications Rose Point rolled out in 2018.

Rose Point ECS Fleet Services includes several features that are the first of its kind in the market, said Joe Sluka, commercial marine sales director for Rose Point Navigation Systems.

One of the most widely anticipated is an enhanced vessel tracking option. Although an AIS transponder has allowed viewers with certain programs and apps the ability to see where a vessel is currently located, Fleet Services can show users its exact track in the Rose Point web-based portal.

“From the shoreside viewpoint there had been no way to see the vessel’s exact track,” Sluka said.

Now, he said, a company can see its entire fleet in one screenshot, can see how fast each vessel is moving, see the exact track taken by the vessel for any date and, based on a captain’s voyage plan, can get an estimated time of arrival at the boat’s next destination without having to call the boat. Vessel positions and telemetry information will be updated once per minute, allowing for a near-real-time display of the entire fleet or a group.

For the first time, fleet managers can also split the fleet into separate vessel groups, Sluka said. Each group may also have its own subscription options so that information for the appropriate geographic area is readily accessible without sorting through data that is not applicable for that group.

A new chart layering feature also allows those with access to the system to add a temporary obstacle, such as a sunken barge, to a chart, send it to the fleet manager and have the fleet manager send it out to all vessels in the fleet. The obstacle is then visible on the Rose Point navigation screen pilots are already using. The same system can be used to display routes, marks and boundaries. Some navigation objects will also have enhancement features, such as attached files, expiration dates and alarm conditions.

Rose Point Fleet Services also includes messaging capability, separate from texting and email services. Messages can be sent from the web portal to a vessel, vessel group or the entire fleet. Senders may optionally request acknowledgement and check to see which acknowledgements have been received. Messages sent from a vessel to the portal will result in a notification email to the administrator.

One feature still under development would allow access to information about how many miles and how much time a vessel spent in a federally taxable waterway within the United States. Sluka cautioned that the feature remains in development and could be altered, but he expects some form of the feature to come out before the end of the year.

The addition of Fleet Services adds to a growing product line for Rose Point.

Rose Point ECS Update Services introduced a web-based portal to log in and manage navigation services, including custom documents pushed out to all a company’s vessels, navigation publication subscriptions, NOAA raster navigational charts (RNC) and electronic navigational charts (ENC), Corps of Engineers inland electronic navigational charts (IENC) and a vessel’s last known location.

Vessels enrolled in ECS Update Services may purchase the new Fleeting Services package and are also eligible for upgrading to Rose Point ECS 4, which is compatible with Windows 10 as well as all recent Windows versions. In addition to being more stable and less cluttered, Sluka said ECS 4 has a more automated cycle for both program updates and chart/publication updates, is more customizable for captains in terms of navigation instruments and screen views and also includes a workflow chart to help with Coast Guard Navigation Assessment 140.635.

Caption for photo: A screen shot from Rose Point ECS Fleet Services shows the exact track of a vessel traveling the Ohio River over the course of a day. (Courtesy of Rose Point)

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