3rd/2nd Assistant Engineer: XH-4742-08/09

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Dredge Hurley, Memphis District Direct Hire Authority (DHA) Job

  • Responsibilities/Duties:  Serves as a 3rd/2nd Assistant Engineer on a Class I pipeline dredge (18″ discharge and over). The dredge is a diesel-electric self-propelled dustpan dredge operating in inland waters of the US. Stands a shift watch and supervises the work of the crew on the shift composed of employees in any of several trade occupations including, marine machinery mechanics and electronic mechanics. Exercises responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and repair of all engine room and associated machinery, refrigerating, plumbing, heating and electric /electronic systems and attendant plant. Incumbent may be considered for noncompetitive promotion to the XH-09 Level (2nd Asst Engineer) upon receiving U.S. Coast Guard Assistant Engineer (6000 HP or greater) License and satisfactorily demonstrating performance of duties.
  • Schedule:  During the dredging season, typically May through November, all Hurley crew members, including this position, work a 15 days on/6 days off schedule, with the work period beginning and ending on Wednesdays. On the 15 work days, employees remain on the Dredge Hurley and are provided meals and lodging. This position works a 12 hour shift, and may rotate between day and night shifts. During the non-dredging season, the crew works day shift only, with the vessel based at Ensley Engineer Yard, Memphis, TN, on either a 5-day/8-hour or 4-day/10-hr schedule. During the dredging season, the Dredge Hurley will work in widespread locations in the Mississippi River, including up to 120 days in the vicinity of Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Qualifications Requirements: 
    *3rd Asst Engineer – Designated Duty Engineer 1000 HP or greater.
    *2nd Asst Engineer – Assistant Engineer Near Coastal 6000 Horsepower or greater
    *Must pass physical exam and drug screening test if selected for position.
    • Via Email: to:, and copy
    • Please ensure your email has the following subject line: Direct Hire of 3rd/2nd Asst Engineer, XH-4742-08/09, HURLEY

    Application packages will be accepted through 11:59pm CT on 2/19/2021


Via Email: to:, and copy

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