Barge-It is a non-profit marketing effort formed by The Waterways Journal, Inc., to effectively communicate three of the advantages of barge transportation. The three advantages pertain to economic benefits, safety and environmental stewardship. Barges are the most economical form of transportation for many critical bulk commodities and specialized cargoes. The barge industry is the safest mode of transportation. Thirdly, it is the greenest form of transportation, when one factors in fuel economy, emissions and safety (lack of spills).

Barge-It will distribute literature via social media and at its annual event on location at the Inland Marine Expo. To encourage products and services that further the marine transportation industries three advantages, it will present annual awards. Naturally, the award categories will be “The Efficiency Award”, “The Green Award”, and “The Safety Award”. The award recipients will be chosen by a 10-person committee of purchasing agents representing the inland marine transportation industry.

For information on the Inland Marine Expo, click here.