Our Market

More than 25,000 barges and more than 3,700 towboats and tugs transport cargo and shift barges along our inland waterways, including the Mississippi River, its tributaries and the Gulf Intracoastal Canal. The industry is a large tightly knit network of barge transportation firms, river ports and terminals, shipyards and repair facilities, fleeting operations, marine contractors, brokers, surveyors and more.

The Waterways Journal Weekly

Weekly trade publication exclusively covering activities of the inland marine transportation industry. Offered in print and online. Features a 98% paid circulation.

Inland River Guide

Who can ship it, who can build it, who can fix it. All that and more in the Guide. The Inland River Guide is published specifically for the benefit of companies doing business along the inland and intracoastal waterways. It is the most comprehensive directory of companies involved in the inland river industry. Updated annually.

Inland River Record

The Boat Book. The Inland River Record is a hard-back book that lists in detail more than 3,700 commercial towboats and tugs, U.S. engineer vessels and Coast Guard vessels navigating the Mississippi and Ohio, their tributaries and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Alphabetical listing of owners, where and when built. Updated annually.

Inland River Record Online

The Waterways Journal is pleased to announce that data from the Inland River Record has been transformed into a completely searchable online database. This site uses an online platform designed by The Integra Group, a well respected online software/solutions provider for the barge industry.