Special Issues for 2018

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January 29

New Era In Towboating: The Year Of The Inspected Vessel— 2018 is the implementation date for Subchapter M, the comprehensive and historic reworking of the regulations governing towing vessels. We’ll offer an in-depth look at the new regulations and the progress toward implementation. Ad material and space deadline is January 19.

February 26

View from the Wheelhouse: Bonus Distribution – This issue corresponds with the Inland Waterways Conference, which will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2017. It will offer a preview of the challenges to navigation that will be addressed at the conference. This issue will also feature profiles and interviews of some the industry’s most respected mariners. Ad material and space deadline is February 17.

March 26

Vessel Construction & Repair – Our annual look at inland shipyards and repair facilities, highlighting new deliveries and future construction/repair needs. We will feature several new builds and repowering projects in this issue. Ad material and space deadline is March 10.

April 23

Ports & Terminals: Bonus Distribution – A look at what’s new with river ports and terminals, including funding challenges, new developments and more. The issue will feature products and services used by ports and terminals, including conveyor systems, storage solutions and material-handling equipment. Ad material and space deadline is April 14.

May 21

Inland Marine Expo – Bonus Distribution – This issue will preview the fourth annual Inland Marine Expo, organized by The Waterways Journal. The event will be held in St. Louis, Mo., on May 22-24. Ad material and space deadline is May 12.

June 19

Dredging & Marine Construction: Bonus Distribution – Marine contractors and civil engineers build our bridges, docks and dolphins, and dredge our harbors. We will take a look at some recent projects and get an update on funding and projects of the future in this issue. This issue will also preview the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) annual Dredging Summit & Expo. Ad material and space deadline is June 9.

July 24

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway: Bonus Distribution – Published in advance of the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) annual meeting; this issue will cover key issues important to those operating along the GIWW. We will also highlight trends in the tank barge industry. Ad material and space deadline is July 14.

August 21

All Aboard! – This new issue will explore ferry boat and passenger vessel operations on our inland and intracoastal waterways. These operators share the same history as the towing industry and have many of the same modern-day concerns. We look forward to highlighting some historic operations and some new developments in this issue. Ad material and space deadline is August 11.

September 18

Safety & Environmental Stewardship: Bonus Distribution – The inland marine transportation industry is the safest and most environmentally friendly mode of transportation, and it finds new ways to improve each year. We will explore the latest safety trends and environmental stewardship on behalf of carriers, ports and terminals, and shipyards. Ad material and space deadline is September 8.

October 16

Featured Port(s) of 2017: The St. Louis Region and the Northern Most Lock-Free Section of the Mississippi River – It has been many years since The Waterways Journal has shined its spotlight on its hometown, but 2017 is the year. This issue will highlight area ports and terminals and examine what the region is doing to bring more business to the river. Ad material and space deadline is October 6.

November 13

International Workboat Show: Bonus Distribution – This issue will preview the largest trade show of its kind, the International WorkBoat Show. For the first time, we will also feature in this special issue tugboats and blue-water marine service providers with crossover to the inland marine industry. Extra copies will be distributed at our booth. Ad material and space deadline is November 3.

December 18

Annual Review – A comprehensive look at key developments in the industry in 2017, with valuable boat tables to help keep track of new construction, acquisitions and more. Ad material and space deadline is December 8.