New Product: Portable Modular Side Scan System

Ross Laboratories Inc. has introduced a new integrated side scan sonar / sub bottom profiler survey system. The portable modular design allows the user to configure a system that will best suit their requirements. Housed in two rugged Pelican™ cases the system is ideal for surveyors traveling to remote areas using small local vessels.

Three versions are available. Each one can be configured for both side scan and sub bottom or one system only. The second system can be added at a later date.

The Model 4901 is a complete system housed in two splash-proof portable cases. The main display controller has a 12-inch 1000nit LCD display for use in open boats and bright sun light operations. The second case houses the transceiver assembly and is connected to the display unit via a 20 foot interconnect cable.

The Model 4910 is an add-on option for the Ross 960 Surveyor a sounder Ross developed in the 1990’s that puts a complete survey system in one portable case. The 960 features a DGPS two-frequency sounder and data collection computer in a portable case. With the addition of the 4910 option and second transceiver case side scan and sub bottom profiling can be added to the portable system.

The Model 4920 is an analog sonar controller. Owners of earlier analog sonar systems such as the ISIS™ system can now replace their aging towfish and receiver systems with the 4920 analog controller. A small control box transceiver unit and towfish make up the system.

Ross Laboratories is headquartered in Seattle Washington and can be reached at 206-324-3950 or info@rosslaboratories.com