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Siemens Introduces Multi-Parameter Flowmeter

Siemens Industry Automation Division has introduced the Sitrans FC430 Coriolis flow meter. This new Coriolis flow sensor measures mass flow volume flow density and temperature simultaneously.

Two leading US diesel engine manufacturers have used Siemens Coriolis sensors in their design and testing facilities. These sensors were used to monitor and in improving fuel economies over the engines’ life.

Dredging contractors can use the technology to gauge fuel usage and calibrate fuel injectors by installing one unit to measure fuel entering the fuel injection system and a second meter on the recirculation line. By measuring the change they are able to obtain exact fuel usage and gauge their economies.

The customer can easily install the unit by replacing a section of pipe with the FC430 and running power to it.
In another application a user can obtain maximum engine efficiency by precisely measuring the introduction of fuel additives and stabilizers.

“Customers were finding significant increase in efficiency of the engines using these development methods” Eric Heilveil Siemens product manager told IDR.

Another application is found in ships’ water systems where ambient water is used for cooling firefighting and wash down creating the possibility of biologic growth in the system. The FC430 can flow monitor the addition of anti-biologic chemicals to the water systems and can use the sensor’s density measurement function to confirm that the chemicals are present in the proper mix ratios.
Siemens noted that the unit’s best advantage is in its simplicity.

“It’s a piece of pipe and is not intrusive. Changes in the flow rate though the sensor causes a change in the nature of the vibration in the sensor which delivers extremely accurate flow measurement” Heilveil said.

The Sitrans FC430 features a compact frame high accuracy measurement of 0.1 percent of rate with low pressure loss stable zero point and data update capabilities of 100 Hertz.

User-friendly support tools provide direct access to all operational and functional data certificates and audit trails. The Sitrans FC430 is among the first Coriolis flow meters to offer SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 2 and 3 approval in hardware and software respectively enabling maximum redundancy meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The highly automated production of the Sitrans FC430 ensures a flexible supply chain for rapid responses to customer needs. Short delivery times are guaranteed by assembly robots guided by sophisticated 3-D vision laser systems.

Contact Siemens for application questions or support at 1-800-333-7421. This equipment can be viewed on line at