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Pains Wessex Launches New Compact Manoverboard

Pains Wessex launched its compact Manoverboard at the commercial shipping exhibition SMM in Hamburg Germany in early September.

The compact Manoverboard (MOB) Mark 9 includes a drop height of more than 60 meters (197 feet) double the height required by SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations which makes it suitable for use on oil and gas rigs.
Its other features include a smaller size at 375 millimeters (14.5 inches) a lighter weight at 3.8 kilograms (eight pounds six ounces) individual LED light pods and a new retaining clip to prevent accidental deployment in rough seas. It’s mountable up to 60 meters (197 feet) and the stainless steel bracket will fit existing installations.

Drew Marine Signal and Safety recently acquired the Pains Wessex brand previously operated as Chemring Marine.
Drew Marine Signal and Safety supplies SOLAS MED & USCG-approved marine distress signals to commercial and leisure marine markets.

Pains Wessex products are used by many of the world’s navies merchant fleets fishing vessels rescue services airlines and leisure craft. They are available through a global network of more than 200 distributors.

Drew Marine Signal and Safety based in Havant England has campaigned for improved global marine safety regulations including introducing standardized rules on replacing dated safety products.