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Philippine Training Center Installs Bridge Simulator

Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd. Hong Kong has installed the next generation VSTEP NAUTIS full mission Bridge Simulator at the Wallem Maritime Training Centre Philippines (WMTCP). Wallem is doing it in an effort to produce highly competent ship officers and to comply with international legislation.

Wallem Shipmanagement’s move coincided with the 2010 Manila Amendments of the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW Convention) taking effect.

Jan van der Wee general manager of the WMTCP said that with the Bridge Simulator installation and commissioning the Centre plans to be one of the most advanced training centers in the Philippines. The commissioning took place July 20 2012.

“We want to train our officers on actual sea work not only to navigate but to confront them with any possible scenario that could be encountered” van der Wee said “thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our Filipino officers in teamwork on the navigation bridge.”

He added “We selected the NAUTIS Full Mission Bridge Simulator for our training center because it is fully certified by DNV allows for future expansion by adding overlays and offers high-quality updated training at an affordable price. The graphics in the simulator look very natural and real which in combination with the realistic bridge mock-up allows for very realistic and true-to-life maritime simulation.”

Wallem Shipmanagement said it made the investment in this equipment because it aims to improve the quality of training provided to Filipino officers and their officers of the future – the cadets.

PC Maritime (software developer and license provider) and VSTEP (hardware and system developer) as well as DelNet International (representing PC Maritime and VSTEP in the Philippines) are very pleased that Wallem Shipmanagement selected their latest model of NAUTIS for its new training center. It introduced this simulator to the region. The bridge console hardware for Wallem’s NAUTIS simulator was built in the Philippines.

Looking ahead to a new generation of maritime simulators
Klaas Oreel CEO of DelNet said that with the use of the latest model NAUTIS Full Mission Simulator Wallem Shipmanagement would be able to train nautical personnel in bridge teamwork ship-handling maneuvering and any operations that take place on actual vessels.

“With the acquisition of the next generation DNV Certified NAUTIS Full Mission Simulator it is expected that officers and cadets can be trained to the highest level of proficiency” Oreel said.

“Wallem has set up a new training center in which the equipment is installed now” added Cristijn du Marcies Sarvaas CEO of VSTEP.

Sarvaas explained that the NAUTIS Bridge simulator is a “Next Generation” bridge simulator. This term means expanded memory more features faster processing better graphics and more user friendly for both trainee and instructor. At the same time it’s cost effective compared to other simulators now available.

“The PC Maritime/NAUTIS software complies with international standards and has the highest level of certification under STCW” Sarvaas said. “And it has been made sure that it is aligned with all the requirements.”