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Gator Dredging has completed a project in Palm Bay Florida along Turkey Creek to remove muck and nitrogen and phosphorus contamination. The project was part of a larger Indian River Lagoon cleanup effort in Brevard County.

Using the Ellicott 670 dredge Jesse Marie the project removed more than 236000 cubic yards of muck from Turkey Creek.

The dredged material was pumped to a Dredged Material Management Area (DMMA) owned by the Florida Inland Navigational District (FIND) located approximately 9000 linear feet to the North of the furthest dredge cut.

As part of this project Gator Dredging teamed with Gator Aquatic Technologies to treat the dredge water. Gator Aquatic Technologies system allows soluble nutrient extraction and sediment dewatering in a single phase in the pipeline. The patent-pending process uses aquatically safe chemicals that are dosed directly into the incoming dredge line. For more on the Gator Aquatic Technologies system and the Indian River Lagoon dredging see the article in the June 2016 issue.

In total 61000 pounds of phosphorus and 190000 pounds of nitrogen from 205 million gallons of water which was then safely reintroduced to Indian River Lagoon.