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Boskalis Acquires Gardline
Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. has acquired all shares of the Gardline Group (Gardline) a UK based company focused on marine geophysical surveys offshore geotechnical services and environmental surveys. 
The acquisition includes Gardline’s 15 survey vessels as well as crew transfer vessels and survey catmarans. Boskalis now has a new position in the offshore survey market as a specialist provider of subsea geotechnical surveys. This gives the company entrance to the renewables market and the early cyclical oil and gas market and strengthens its position as a marine service provider in Northwest Europe. 
Established in 1969 Gardline employs approximately 750 employees in its offices in the UK USA Brazil and Singapore. 

Measutronics is a new Trimble Advanced Marine Partner. The partnership will integrate the companies’ hardware and software for marine construction applications. 
Measutronics will offer Trimble Marine Construction software for 3D visualization applications which when combined with 2D or 3D sonar provide clear underwater vision in most conditions. The companies can further combine resources for mechanical and hydraulic dredging marine piling SONAR scans bathymetric surveys and site telemetry solutions. The technicians at Measutronics are also trained to integrate positioning motion communication software and echo sounder data from third party components. 
As a certified Trimble Service Center Measutronics offers customers instruction on hardware and software taught by its Trimble certified technicians. 
Outside of their partnership Measutronics sells installs and integrates equipment from leading manufacturers provides underwater mapping and imaging and remotely operated vehicles. Trimble provides hardware and software that can be integrated into third-party systems to meet the unique needs of marine construction projects. 

ECTMarine Supplies Equipment Package for New Cutter Suction Dredge; Company Releases Dredge Calculation Software
ECTMarine is providing a design and equipment package for a new cutter suction dredge being built at Timblo Shipyards in Goa India. 
The package is based on ECTMarine Core Dredge 40 which includes dredge control and monitoring systems cutter ladder front part pump drive and hydraulic system plus other customized features required by the customer. 
ECTMarine has also developed a comprehensive online dredge calculation software which allows users to input features and specifics they require in a dredge such as power pipe diameters fuel consumption and cutter power. The software then turns out a selection of ECTMarine dredges as well as a comparison with other dredges which would meet the user’s requirements. The comparison is based on specifications total cost of ownership operation cost and vessel value as recorded in Ciria calculations. The dredge calculator is accessible to anyone at


Rendering of a cutter suction dredge with a design
and equipment package from ECTMarine and built at
Timblo Shipyards in Goa India.

DSC Provides Dredges with Tier 4 Certified Caterpillar Engines

In February 2017 DSC Dredge LLC of Reserve Louisiana delivered its first dredges equipped with a Tier 4 Final C32 ACERT Caterpillar engine to a U.S. mineral company. 
This Shark Class Dredge features an 18-inch hull-mounted dredge pump and 300 hp cutter drive assembly and has a dredging depth capability of 56 feet. DSC supplied stainless steel hydraulic fittings and used anti-corrosion building practices as the dredge will be working in a corrosive environment. The minerals company also purchased an anchor barge fabricated by DSC which included a Tier 4 Final engine for the hydraulic winch drive system.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final emissions standards went into effect for dredges last year. Engines ranging from 2682 to 4962 hp (2000-3700 kW) were first affected by the standards. But by this October (2017) all new engines with a maximum power of 804 hp (600 kW) and greater must meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.
The C32 Tier 4 Final engine is a 32-liter 12-cylinder V-engine with horsepower ranges from 1000 hp to 1125 hp. The C32 has torque of 4056 foot-pounds at 1200 rpm. David Ezell OEM 


DSC Dredge Shark Class Dredge with first ever Tier 4 Final
C32 ACERT Caterpillar engine.

account manager for Michigan CAT said that Caterpillar was able to achieve the Tier 4 Final regulations in the C32 with the use of the Caterpillar NOx Reduction System and dual maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC).
This summer DSC also equipped three new 18-inch Shark Class portable cutter suction dredges in Bangledesh with Caterpillar Tier 4 C32 ACERT diesel engines.
DSC said the engine design coupled with an advanced hydraulic system gives the engine high fuel efficiency and an extended life. The hydraulic system is load sensing and pressure-compensated to reduce the required cooling tank capacity and filtration as well as power consumption. The Shark Class Dredge has an 18-inch hull-mounted dredge pump and 300 hp cutter drive assembly with a dredging depth capability of 56 feet. 
Two of the three dredges have been shipped to Bangladesh where contractors will work to restore navigability to rivers streams and canals that fall under the scope of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) and Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB).
DSC previously supplied an 18-inch Shark dredge and two 24-inch Marlin Class dredges to a contractor in Bangladesh following a study by BIWTA that called on private contractors to meet the dredging demands the rivers required. 
The third dredge under this contract is scheduled to be completed and shipped in February 2018..


The 18-inch Shark Class DSC portable cutter suction dredge will work in critical
Bangladesh waterways.

Teledyne CARIS™ Improves Bathy DataBASE™ 
Teledyne CARIS™ developer of marine mapping software has released the latest version of its Bathy DataBASE™ (BDB). 
BDB 4.4. addresses feature generalization and automation of product generation for chart compilation through its BASE Editor™ while increasing the emphasis on bathymetric Lidar surveys through new Lidar point cloud editing tools. 
BASE Editor uses point suppression and smoothing techniques to reduce the manual work needed to transfer survey data to vector features. Lidar editing tools allow visual inspection point re-classification and elimination of outliers to be performed with one tool at one time. 
BDB 4.4 includes new sample process models that improve automation for S-102 and bENC overlays.
Teledyne CARIS™ Bathy DataBASE™ 4.4.


Teledyne CARIS™ Bathy DataBASE™ 4.4.

BruteBoom Introduced to ELASTEC Line of Containment Barriers
ELASTEC has developed a new heavy-duty floating boom BruteBoom with a breaking strength of 60000 lbs. 
BruteBoom is designed to contain surface and submerged debris in rivers oceans and lakes. It comes in both an 18-inch and 24-inch diameter providing increased freeboard. Hardware with a 4.75 ton working load limit holds the floats together. 
Based in Illinois ELASTEC is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing turbidity curtains booms and barriers. 


BruteBoom a heavy-duty floating boom from ELASTEC.

JFSE Patents Jetting System
Global subsea excavation specialist James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) a part of James Fisher and Sons plc has patented a new centrally located jetting system for its mass/controlled flow excavation (M/CFE) equipment spreads. 
The traditional design places jets at the side of the M/CFE tools but the new high velocity water jet is placed centrally giving excavators double the strength when cutting soils. New technology also reduces velocity degradation. 
The jet’s increased capabilities will decrease operational time and reduce the need for additional equipment to complete projects. M/CFE spreads are used for moving sand silt and mud clay and rock dump for work such as pipeline and cable trenching deburial rock dump dispersal and seabed clearance. 
The jets are being fitted to JFSE tools in the UK UAE Singapore Venezuela USA Brazil China and Mexico. The company has access to bases and expertise in 40 countries through its association with James Fisher and Sons. 

James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) centrally located jetting system for its mass/controlled flow excavation (M/CFE) equipment spreads.

C-Dory Added to Naismith Fleet
Rockport Texas based Naismith Marine Services has added a 22-foot C-Dory to its hydrographic survey fleet. 
The twin-engine vessel is equipped with a generator A/C and permanent over-the-side boom mount. It’s small size and shallow draft gives is easy maneuverability around docks revetments and shallow bays. 
Naismith is already using the vessel for bathymetric and side sonar surveys in Neches River Ship Channels Corpus Christi and Houston Texas.

Naismith Marine Services 22-foot C-Dory hydrographic survey vessel.

International Group Creates One-of-A-Kind Hydraulic Shovel
An international group of companies joined together to create a unique machine able to dig deep below the water line for the expansion of the Ashdod Port in Israel. The port south of Tel Aviv is expected to see a 40 percent increase in cargo traffic by 2021.
Caterpillar worked with Israel Tractor & Equipment Dutch company STC B.V and China-based PMEC to create the Cat 6015B OEM Long Reach Hydraulic Shovel. The Caterpillar factory in Germany provided the base which is the popular Cat® 6015B OEM Frontless Hydraulic Shovel and STC contributed engineering production and assembly of a 30-meter boom attachment. Final assembly was completed in Israel. 
The shovel came equipped with EMSolutions machine management system which provides real-time data on fuel engine and idle hours and equipment location. Trimble GCS900 machine control system is also installed to increase accuracy at deep depths. 
Because the 6015B OEM is such a different machine on-site training was provided for all operators. 

Cat 6015B OEM Long Reach Hydraulic Shovel.

Damen Launches Online Calculator for Project and Dredging Equipment Planning
Damen has introduced a free online tool designed to help dredging contractors perform project calculations and choose the correct equipment for projects on which they bid. 
Without the calculator contractors must accurately calculate by hand the estimated production of each jobsite to determine what dredging equipment is needed and return an accurate project quotation. This is time consuming and costly.
Named Sandy the calculator takes defining characteristics of the job site entered by the contractor and provides detailed advice on which dredge should be mobilized as well what supplementary equipment such as anchor booms and spud carriages will be needed to increase efficiency. Pump cutter and swing production are all shown.  
Damen said this calculator will improve the process for contractors when bidding on any dredging project. To access the tool visit

TSHD Scald Hits the Belgian Market
Faasse Groep announced the launch of a new trailing suction hopper dredge Scald which was constructed by Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman B.V. at Zwijndrecht the Netherlands. The dredge was delivered by Kooiman at the beginning of July.
The overall design is to provide an innovative efficient and environmentally friendly dredge compact enough to work anywhere and undertake diverse activities. The dredge has an 1800 square meter capacity and special maneuvering capabilities that rely on a lifted wheelhouse and four rudder propellers. It was built on the freighter Furtura Carrier which was shortened 20 meters (about 66 feet) to provide further maneuverability. 
Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel parts were used on the deck dredge pipe wire winches were moved to the lower deck and the bottom doors are equipped with levers instead of chains and cylinders all with an eye toward safety and ease of maintenance. The dredge has a sand transfer installation with jet pumps to both direct the material in the hopper and provide desalinization of sea sand through the addition of freshwater. There are six bottom doors for dumping.
The Scald works in the Belgium market for maintenance dredging supplementation spraying and sand winning activities. 

Fasse Groep’s trailing suction hopper dredge Scald.

CK Power Adds New Generator
CK Power has introduced The CKT250VM-T4 Tier 4 Final EPA and CARB certified rental/mobile prime power diesel generator. 
The units are part of the Tier 4 Final rental/mobile prime power diesel generators that come with a Volvo Penta 8L engine platform The CKT250VM-T4 has multiple voltage configuration sound enclosure and custom configurable power distribution.

CK Power CKT250VM-T4 Tier 4 Final EPA and CARB certified rental/mobile prime power diesel generator. 

Kruse Integration Develops More Efficient Gate Valve System
Kruse Integration has developed the CONTROL-FLO gate valve system to better control and maintain suction velocity. The gate valve is sized for each dredge pump and pipe and comes with an industrial enclosed vacuum transmitter discharge transmitter and optional flow meter. The system has a touch screen control so operators can set limits pre-acts sensor calibration scaling and stroke speed. Real time values and the position of the gate valve can also be viewed on the touch screen. Previously suction relief valves stayed fully opened under high vacuum speed no matter what conditions required. The new valve opens just the required percentage to maintain velocity while keeping maximum vacuum density. 

Kruse Itegration CONTROL-FLO gate valve sytem. 

Weeks To Build New Cutter Suction Dredge
In July Weeks Marine Inc. (WMI) announced the construction of a new $60 million 30-inch hydraulic cutter suction dredge the JS Chatry. The dredge is named for Senior Vice President and Manager of Weeks Marine’s Dredging Division J. Stephen Chatry. Construction is underway in Belle Chase Louisiana at C&C Marine and Repair.
“While the national coastal restoration and protection market is growing we are especially optimistic about the market here in Louisiana. We have taken note of the Governor’s and the Legislature’s commitment to the masterplan and the protection of critical dedicated funds for their intended purpose” said Richard S. Weeks WMI President. “I am also very happy and proud that our newest dredge is named for Steve. He is a life-long Louisianan and has been a key member of our team as we have grown the business in Louisiana and throughout the United States. Finally I hope Governor Edwards Senators Cassidy and Kennedy Representative Garret Graves and our great congressman and champion Rep. Steve Scalise and other Louisiana leaders will be able to join us when we christen the Chatry.”
The JS Chatry is 310 feet long and 72 feet wide. The dredge’s pumps are powered by GE Tier IV diesel electric engines. Those engines and others provide 23269 total installed horsepower with 3000 hp on the cutterhead. When the dredge is not offshore it is equipped with a walking spud carriage for efficient work in inlets and in protected waters. 
In 2011 WMI announced a five-dredge $200 million-plus capital investment initiative. The JS Chatry will be WMI’s sixth major dredging capital expenditure since that announcement. 
This fall the $110 million 8500 cubic yard hopper dredge Madalen will be christened in New York. The dredge is now in the water being fitted out and preparing for sea trials.  

New Liebherr Facility Opens in California
Liebherr USA Co. has opened a new facility in Lodi California to provide more localized service to its western customers. 
Two divisions Mobile and Crawler Cranes and Crawler Cranes and Foundation Equipment will operate from this location which will house service bays a warehouse and office building. Repairs technical assistance and field service will all be conducted on this site which will also have inventory for sale rental fleets and a parts department. 
Crawler Cranes and Foundation will offer crawler cranes duty-cycle crawler cranes piling and drilling rigs as well as rotary drives hammers and vibrators. Mobile and Crawler Cranes will feature mobile cranes with telescoping lattice booms on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages.


New Liebherr facility in Lodi California.