PIANC Releases Field Version of Soil Classification Report

In September PIANC issued an abridged field version to its 2015 publication “Classification of Soils and Rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process.”
In November 2015 PIANC MarCom issued the comprehensive report which included the classification itself also dealt with the interaction between the soil and rock properties and the complete dredging process i.e. excavation transport disposal and reuse taking into account the type of equipment used.
The objectives of the main report are:
to establish the physical and mechanical properties of soils and rocks that influence the excavation transport unloading and use/disposal processes;
to establish the physical and chemical properties of the materials with respect to disposal or beneficial use at the deposition location;
to provide guidance as to the physical and mechanical properties of soils that influence the suitability of dredged material for reclamation purposes.
According to PIANC “During the elaboration of the main report and the subsequent reviewing it appeared useful to issue an abridged version mainly intended for field use. The field version briefly summarizes the content of the main report and includes the tables or templates which are of direct use for the classification. The field version is primarily intended for the geologists and geotechnicians in charge of the description of the samples and the production of site investigation reports. By giving an overview of the main issues related to soil and rock classification it is also useful for non-specialists involved in the design procurement supervision and use of ground investigation campaigns.
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