American Samoa Receives Grant Funding for Waterways Improvements

Under the guidance of the U. S. Assistant Secretary to the Interior, the Office of Insular Affairs’ Capital Improvement Project Program has released more than $9.6 million in grant funding to American Samoa. A portion of those funds will go toward the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority and to the Department of Port Administration.

The Office of Insular Affairs grants are used to foster economic opportunities, promote government efficiency and improve the quality of life in insular areas. One million dollars will go toward the 3,000-ton slipway project at the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority. Boat owners and commercial vessels must travel to other locations for service as the slipway has only been operating at half capacity. The money will cover the removal of old components, procurement of materials and supplies and testing.

The Department of Port Administration will receive $1 million to dredge the Faleasao Harbor on the island of Ta’u. The harbor provides a crucial link for the passage of two vessels between the capital Tutuila and Manu’a islands. Dredging will ensure the passage remain safe.