Coda Octopus’s 3D HUD System Wins Award

Coda Octopus has won an award for its development of a prototype real-time 3D Head Up Display solution for divers. The award was given by the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State University which is a tenured U.S. Department of Defense-designated University Affiliated Research Center, as part of a Naval Sea Systems Command program.

Known as the “3D HUD System,” the system features real-time 3D sonar imaging hardware and real-time 3D augmented visualization software to enable visualization of moving objects in the water in zero visibility condition and provide high-resolution volumetric mapping. The 3D HUD System feeds directly to the Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) that is embedded into the diving helmet. Information from the system will be delivered in real-time to divers and supervisors on the surface, providing diver location, virtual modelling, and on-demand mission data.

The 3D HUD System prototype is expected to be ready for NAVSEA testing in the second quarter of 2018.