Furuno’s New Simplified Voyage Data Recorder Meets IMO Safety Standards

In response to the International Maritime Organization’s mandate that vessels be equipped with safety devices, Furuno has developed the VR7000S Simplified Voyage Data Recorder. The device records all crucial data from onboard interfaced sensors and stores it in a shock and heat proof Data Recording Unit (DRU). After a catastrophic event, the box can be recovered and the data reviewed to investigate the cause of the accident. The DRU has Live Player software included, which extracts and plays back the recorded information on networked PC’s. Data recorded includes: bridge audio and VHF, Radar and ECDIS data, AIS, Bridge Alert Management, thrusters, inclinometer and information from electronic logbooks. The VR7000S can record 48 hours of data in both fixed and float-free units and provides storage for up to 30 days. The system can integrate with existing INS networks. A Video LAN converter can be used to record the data from DVI or RGB Radar outputs into an Ethernet signal for data recording. For more information, visit