IADC Launches Online Dredging Encyclopedia

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) announced that its “Knowledge Centre” is online. The development of this index of definitions of dredging terminology, methods and applications has taken more than a year to research, write and launch. For anyone looking for any information on dredging, the IADC’s Knowledge Centre aims to be the place to find the answers to all dredging questions. The Knowledge Centre is on the IADC website and contains in-depth information regarding a broad range of subjects about dredging techniques and the industry in general. The new database contains online scientific articles, definitions, fact sheets and other relevant material on dredging subjects organized to ensure information is easy to find. It aims to reach professionals in the field and related industries as well as students and stakeholders. This is an organic database that will continue to grow. Therefore, IADC invites readers/users to recommend any other topics that they might have missed to be included in the Knowledge Centre. For more information, click here.