Merger Forms Damen Marine Components Netherlands

As of January 1, Damen Marine Components (DMC) and Van der Velden Marine Systems (VDVMS) are operating together as Damen Marine Components Netherlands. Both companies have been operating as part of the Damen Shipyards Group; however, the merger allows for combining the companies’ market knowledge and providing customers with an increased portfolio of products available in one place. All arrangements with current customers, suppliers and stakeholders will remain the same, as will the employee roster. DMC NL will have Steef Staal as managing director, Wim Knoester will be commercial director and Peter Schipper is financial director. The Van der Velden Marine Systems’ brand will continue to be used as trademark for DMC NL’s rudder and steering gear products.

Van der Velden Marine Systems, headquartered in the Netherlands, supplies steering gear, rudders and hydraulic systems to the marine industry. Damen Shipyard Group operates 34 shipbuilding and repair yards worldwide with 10,000 employees.