Patent Pending DynaCover

DynaCover, constructed from Dyneema fibers, is the latest technology available for outer dredge pump casing. Introduced by Damen, the DynaCover can be mounted around existing cast pump casing, weighs significantly less than steel casing, and provides a strength comparable to 40 mm of steel.

Using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fibers that come from PROTEQ, a company that develops bullet-proof vests, the cover is not only strong, but it floats, is resistant to water, UV and chemicals and is fully recyclable. The cover has a Dyneema clamp-mounted inner cover and a NOMEX zipped-on outer cover. The QuickBurst zipper on the cover automatically opens under higher tension meaning it acts as a detector for a burst inner pump casing and can be easily replaced once a new inner casing is mounting.