Teledyne Marine Introduces Teledyne PDS

Teledyne PDS, a software package for hydrographic survey and dredging operation, has a new application for Pile Driving guidance and monitoring. Customers can use the new high-performance software to get quick accurate GNSS positions of piles, visualization of the pile driving process and increased crew safety.

Operators select the pile to be placed, and the new Teledyne PDS interprets the environment, displaying relevant information such as position and orientation. The program uses Construction Plan view with three guidance bars on Online Dredge/Construction 3D View and Construction Bullseye Plan view. After each pile is placed a statistic report is created using operator-selected custom data.

Teledyne PDS runs on standard PC’s and Windows operating systems providing real-time reading of data. The software suite makes computations with retrieved data, displays results and logs the information, displaying results either graphically or numerically.

Teledyne PDS is part of Teledyne Marine, a subsea technology company that is part of Teledyne Technologies Inc.