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JR Bagger Acquires Rights to Beyer Dredges

Jochen Rohr CEO of Aggregate Dredge Solutions has formed a new company called JR Bagger & Technik GmbH in Speyer Germany. This venture creates an all-new operation in Germany to complement Aggregate Dredge Solutions in the U.S. and includes exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture all dredges designed by Beyer GmbH. 
Aggregate Dredge Solutions has served North America with an emphasis on local manufacturing. This new business entity also creates access to engineering resources staff and detailed specifications allowing for an expansive range of dredge products as well as an extended range of operations.

Jochen Rohr explained how this strategic acquisition will benefit his global industry partners. “With the acquisition of the rights to the drawings and know-how from Beyer GmbH we are excited to offer the full range of mechanical dredges to our aggregate industry customers in the U.S. Europe and beyond” he said.