Seatools Delivers High-End Pressure Compensators for Bakker Sliedrecht

Subsea technology company Seatools has completed the development manufacturing and testing of two 250-liter subsea pressure compensators for Bakker Sliedrecht.

The ultra-long life compensators will be applied to 1.7 MW submersible electric motors installed on a new hopper dredger under construction at Wenchong Shipyard in China. The dredge is being built for the Chang Jiang Waterway Bureau (CWB) which anticipates the vessel will work in harsh environments with vibrations shock loads dirt and temperature changes. The equipment will be able to perform in such conditions and the compensators were built to endure long-term submerged applications by minimizing the dynamic components that are exposed to seawater and assuring the integrity of the moto seals. Extensive modeling and testing was undertaken to analyze non-linearity holding pressure and hysteresis to ensure the compensator met pressure tolerances within .05 bar.