Carboline Introduces Carbozinc 608 HB

Carboline, St. Louis, Mo., has announced the release of Carbozinc 608 HB. Carbozinc 608 HB is the first 5-10 mil zinc primer on the market, according to Carboline. The company added that more primer means more protection, and that it is highly surface tolerant and quick to cure.

Carbozinc 608 HB is a zinc-rich primer, with excellent film build properties yielding a high zinc loading per square foot. When coupled with a micaceous iron oxide—flake-reinforced epoxy phenalkamine binder—the resultant film is a durable and effective corrosion-resistant coating. Due to these unique combinations of properties it can, in one coat, replace a zinc + (epoxy) intermediate coating of a standard three-coat (zinc/epoxy/urethane) system.

“Carbozinc 608 HB allows customers to save application time and labor costs without sacrificing performance,” said Darrin Andrews, executive vice president-sales USA. “It eliminates the need for an epoxy intermediate coat by providing a two-coat system that provides excellent performance.”

While the primary target market for Carbozinc 608 HB is the marine market, the company said it has many more potential uses in other industrial markets on storage tanks, piping, equipment, structural steel, etc. The fast recoat properties (and two-coat system approach) will be attractive to fabrication shops and equipment manufacturers, said the company.

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“We wanted to develop a 5-10 mil zinc primer,” said Dwayne Meyer, executive vice president-commercial and technical resources. “The high build feature allows the elimination of a coat of paint while maintaining the film thickness with a superior zinc-rich product that provides better barrier protection and sub-film corrosion resistant properties.”

Carboline said Carbozinc 608 HB will save application time and labor cost without sacrificing performance. “It eliminates the need for an epoxy intermediate coat by providing a two-coat system that provides excellent performance,” added the company.