Photo by C.R. Neale

WJ Winter Photo Contest

C.R. Neal was judged the winner of The Waterways Journal’s Winter 2018 photo contest, with this drone photograph taken over Parkersburg, W.Va. The winning photo, taken January 6 of this year, shows Ingram Barge Company’s mv. Mark Duley making the turn by C.R. Neale of Neale Marine Transportation & Fleeting Service. Neale, an accomplished photographer, is well-known to many readers—however, WJ staffers who judged the contest were not aware who the photographers were.

 The gallery below contains all of the top photos. Stay tuned for more contests in the coming months!

Contest_Mareschal Contest_Williams Contest_Spiers Contest_Oldenburg DCIM100MEDIADJI_0360.JPG Contest_Johnson Contest_Henry Contest_Fillmore Contest_Brasel
Photo by Kevin Oldenburg