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Port Milwaukee Dry Bulk Cargo Grows

Port Milwaukee reported February 8 that 2017 surpassed the previous year both in vessel visits and in bulk cargo quantity.

A total of 2.57 million metric tons of cargo passed through Port Milwaukee in 2017, of which more than three-quarters was handled at the port’s public docks. In 2016, that total was 2.44 million tons. The number of vessel visits rose to 301, an increase of 9.9 percent.

The port said that cargo categories such as limestone, salt and other dry bulk materials posted double-digit gains during 2017.

“Port Milwaukee is making improvements to our infrastructure and working closely with out tenants. These involvements and relationships set the stage for even more cargo transiting our docks in the future,” said Port Milwaukee Director Paul Vornholt.

Operating on 467 acres fronting on Lake Michigan, Port Milwaukee is the northernmost point on the lake for inland barge transit.

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