Teledyne CARIS™ Releases the CARIS Onboard™ 2.0

Teledyne CARIS™ released the CARIS Onboard™ 2.0. CARIS Onboard, which enables users to apply processes automatically to their data in near real-time, resulting in minimized data conversion and processing times. By making the processed products available at the office or on a survey vessel during survey operations, CARIS Onboard helps improve survey efficiency by valuably reducing the turn-around time and helping to ensure that data quality and coverage requirements are met before leaving an area. Focused around the latest web map technology, the redesigned control centre dynamically controls and monitors the automated system. Products generated including surfaces, backscatter mosaics, and the survey track lines are live-streamed during acquisition and accessed through a web browser. By providing access to processed products in a web application, the new Control Centre allows review of a survey dataset from any device with a network connection to the vessel. This increased access allows information about survey operations to be accessible when and where needed.