Dredging & Marine Construction

JFSE Launches “Excavation Plus”

James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) has launched an integrated services package, “Excavation Plus,” whereby JFSE is the single point of contact for a range of work areas, including project management, geotechnical services and naval architects. In addition, the company can use the expertise of its sister companies, James Fisher and Sons to provide diving, IRM works and cable repair services. With JFSE as the main point of contact, clients receive faster and more streamlined service.

JFSE completed its largest integrated services project in the Middle East. Its Twin R2000 with ancillary jetting spread was contracted for shallow water post-lay trenching and backfilling, while JFSE also chartered the vessel, project personnel and crew, and positional and bathymetric survey services. JFSE is preparing for more integrated projects in the Middle East, Eastern Asia and Gulf of Mexico and is planning to roll out the ‘Excavation Plus’ service worldwide.

With bases in U.K., U.S., Africa, Singapore, Mexico, UAE, China and Venezuela, and more than 28 equipment spreads, JFSE has completed more than 490 projects in the past 20 years.

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