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Damen Announces New DOP Dredge Series

Following the success of its DOP submersible pump, Damen Dredging Equipment has launched a new DOP Dredge Series. The DOP dredges, using submerged DOP pumps, can go deeper than a cutter suction dredge for sand removal, able to reach depths to 100 meters (328 feet). The Damen DOP Dredge Series uses the standard DOP 150, 200, 250 and 350 with a mixture capacity ranging from 600 cubic meters per hour to 2,400 cubic meters/hour.

The DOP submersible dredge pump is directly driven by a hydraulic or electric motor, assembled in a rigid housing with the ability to attach specialized suction devices, such as mining heads or cutter units. The DOP can be connected to excavators, cranes and more.

Damen said the DOP dredge is dismountable and transportable with limited weight, so it can be assembled with a small crane and therefore used in remote locations where road access is limited.

The all-electric version of the DOP dredge is made for projects such as maintenance dredging at hydroelectric dams. Damen said specialized dredges, such as these are in demand for hydroelectric dam/water reservoir operators, sand mining companies, and dredging companies.

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The company has already built 20 DOP dredges on a one-off basis and about 380 DOP pumps. The pumps, power packs and pontoons are standard and therefore kept in stock to allow the dredge to be delivered on short notice.