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HYPACK Supplies Software Solutions for U.S. Army Diving Team

HYPACK supplied the U.S. Army Diving Team with HYPACK® MAX and HYPACK® MARINE SEARCH software solutions that will be used on their vessels, outfitted with GPS, single beam echosounder and side scan sonar.

The Hypack software suite will allow the team to display their project area in local geodesy, with target locations and charts based on a Google Earth image.

In the addition, the Hypack CLOUD program enables processing of the data, to quickly edit out bad soundings, instead of needing to load data into spreadsheets and manually search for bad soundings. Data can now be visually inspected and users can quickly remove spikes in 3D.

Hypack software also includes an interface for the Diver6 system to enable dive masters to monitor and track divers beneath the surface.

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The selection of the Hypack and Hypack Marine Search solution for the Diving Team compliments the existing Hypack systems used by the Corps fleet. The standardization minimizes the training needed across the fleet personnel, to operate the system.