Furuno Introduces New Line of Multi-Touch Monitors

Furuno has introduced a new “Hi-Brite” Multi-Touch Marine Monitor to the TZtouch and TZtouch2 Black Box systems, as well as a whole new series of professional grade multi-touch monitors: the 17-inch MU175T; 19-inch MU195T; and the 24-inch, wide aspect ratio MU245T.

The MU175T/195T/245T Multi Touch Monitors complete both the NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 Black Box systems, offering an edge-to-edge glass design, and incorporating Glass Display Controls with no physical buttons or switches. Each of these monitors uses Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT; also PCAP) technology to provide responsive sensitivity, as well as employing TFT active-matrix LCD and LED backlight technology.

The MU175T/195T/245T “Hi-Brite” Multi Touch Monitors have brilliance levels of 1,000 candela and are also fully dimmable. The LCD and glass are bonded together for fog-free operation and have IP66 (front) and IP22 (rear) waterproof ratings.

Multiple inputs allow the display of information from any video source. Adjustable Picture-In-Picture and Picture-By-Picture modes ensure critical information will be within view. Full Glass Display Controls include the ability to customize two “hot keys” on the display. With dual power source capability, all of these monitors can automatically switch power sources without interruption.

For additional information on Furuno’s new MU-T Multi Touch Monitors, visit Furuno U.S.A.’s website at