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Colombia’s Magdalena River Moves More Than 675,000 Tons in Q1

About 675,445 tons of cargo were moved along Colombia’s Magdalena River, the country’s main river, in the first quarter of the year (Q1), according to Colombian river management authority Cormagdalena. It said in early April that 232,670 tons of cargo were transported through the river in March this year. Products passing through the Magdalena River tributary included dry cargo, including steel products and grains, as well as hydrocarbon products, such as crude oil and fuels. “Such figures motivate us to keep working on keeping the navigability of our Magdalena River,” said Cormagdalena’s executive director, Alfredo Varela De la Rosa. The executive said there was a “growth” in the tons of cargo transported in Q1, when compared to the same period of the year prior, despite not providing further information. “Such positive evolution … in Q1 show us the potential and the great opportunities the Magdalena River offers as a multimodal axis in the country, which will for sure grow even more once we have a new public–private partnership (PPP) running,” De la Rosa said.