Royal IHC Is Contracted for Delivery of New Dredges and Pumps

Royal IHC has received several new contracts for dredging equipment. The Engineering Authority at the Egyptian Ministry of Defense (MOD) issued a contract for the construction of 10 IHC Beaver® Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSDs) and five Delta Multi Craft (DMC) 1050 work boats. The order also includes three floating IHC Multi-Booster stations with 895kW of power, and HDPE floating pipelines (32.8 feet x 4,921 feet). In addition, IHC will provide a comprehensive training package for crew and staff.

The Jan De Nul Group awarded a contract to IHC for the delivery of two onboard double-walled dredge pumps. The pumps will be used in Jan De Nul’s new 18,000-cubic-yard (23,540-cubic-yard) trailing suction hopper dredge. IHC will also deliver onboard single-walled dredge pumps for two other 6,000-cubic-meter (7,850-cubic-yard) trailing suction hopper dredges. The double-walled dredge pumps deliver a total installed power of 7,000kWs per pump and discharge 33 bar pressure when operated concurrently. The single-walled dredge pumps will deliver an installed power of 4,000kWs and provide a discharge pressure of up to 11 bar.