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Tipping Point Receives Permit to Operate in Connecticut

Tipping Point Resources Group, LLC has received a demonstration permit to operate its Regional Dredged Material Manufacturing Facility (RDMMF) in the State of Connecticut, the company announced on March 26.

Based at New Haven Terminal in New Haven, Connecticut, the RDMMF will be a center for processing and transport of sediments for upland beneficial use through the application of the Mobile Operating Sediment Engineering System (MOSES), a barge mounted Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) processing and stabilization process, which has no air or water discharges. This treatment system is a solution for projects that involve dredged material that is unsuitable for aquatic placement with a beneficial use application. The PFTM and Grizzly were assembled at Carver Companies – Port of Coeymans on the Hudson River, New York.


“The infrastructure right now is the Pneumatic Flow Tube Mixing (PFTM) and ancillary equipment and the grizzly-plus-barge design,” said Eric Stern, founding partner and director of sediment management & development for Tipping Point. “We are focusing on getting clients in the door – to where we will put the equipment on the barge and transport it to New Haven Terminal or an individual project site. The PFTM has the capability to pump amended sediments up to 0.6 mile without a booster pump. The fact that it will be all contained on the barge means that there is no or very little infrastructure upland at the terminal, which is a good thing, since the footprint is contained and is small, and can be transported to a project site,” he said.

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“Collaboration with dredging firms and marine constructors are critical for implementation

Robert Miskewitz, Chief Science Officer, Eric A. Stern, Director of Sediment Management and Technology Development, and Al Kovalik, President and Managing Director of Tipping Point LLC at the Carver Companies yard. Behind them is the PFTM grizzly/vibrator that will screen the sediments before pumping into the PFTM system. It was built at Carver Companies, Port of Coeymans, Hudson River, New York

of this stabilization process,” Stern said. “It offers flexibility in sediment materials handling and beneficial use applications that was perhaps not realized, especially in urban sediment environments.”

“We are looking at a possible project where two marinas will be dredged, and the material pumped 200 yards to an upland site for remediation using the flowable amended fill from the PFTM system. It fixes a problem of sediment that cannot go to aquatic placement in Long Island Sound, with a nearby remediation site that needs 15,000 cubic yards of clean fill. The amended dredged material can be pumped directly upland for capping/remediation,” Stern said.

Tipping Point’s purpose is to manage the beneficial use of sediments linked to economic development opportunities. It works with upland developers of brownfield sites to provide structural fill material, using its treatment, handling and placement capabilities via truck and rail. Other opportunities include the application for remediation and restoration challenges, such as commercial municipal gas plants, bulkhead backfills and coastal restoration.

Tipping Point works closely with its engineering partners JAFEC/USA and AOMI Construction, Ltd.