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ALLU Launches New Mobile App

ALLU, Inc. has launched its new ALLU Mobile Application as a digital solution for customers to get accurate and timely information on safe operation at job sites and use of all their ALLU equipment.

By providing the serial number of new ALLU Transformers and Processors into the new ALLU Mobile App, relevant data specific to that equipment will be downloaded. A description of the product, including frame and drums, and information about the matching base machine, with details on operation, installation, troubleshooting and safety will be at a customers’ fingertips.

The app also provides contact information for local dealers and ALLU offices, as well as social media links to keep customers apprised of the latest ALLU news.

This version of the app is applicable to new equipment customers (2017 models and newer). App development will incorporate serial numbers for increasingly older models, with updated app versions scheduled for regular rollout.

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