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Enhancements Added to Louisiana’s Coastal Information Management System

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) has enhanced its online Coastal Information Management System (CIMS) to include information indicating where historical and existing modeling has been applied to coastal zone planning. The addition of the Model Domains layer to the CIMS main spatial viewer will provide coastal manager with tools and information for planning and assessment.

The CIMS can be accessed from the CPRA website.

Each model is represented by a point feature that is color-coded based on the principal environmental process simulated by the model. Many models simulate multiple environmental processes, and these are listed in the model’s attribute table.

Clicking on a point feature will display the domain used by that model, its attributes, and a link that will allow the user to download the model report from the CIMS Document Library.

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The model dataset can be selected using “Model Name,” “Modeled Processes,” or “Study Area” by clicking on the “Filter By Attribute” icon. The viewer will then display the appropriate subset of models.

The model dataset will be regularly updated as new models become available.