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Damen Delivers Dredges to Australia and South Africa

Damen Shipyards Group delivered a cutter suction dredge to a partnership of the Kingston District Council and the Cape Jaffa Development Group. The CSD350 is the only dredge owned by a south Australian council. The 55-ton dredge will be used along the breakwater in Cape Jaffa, at the Cape Jaffa marina and within Maria Creek boat launch facility in Kingston.

The CSD350 can dredge to a maximum depth of -9 meters (30-feet) and pumps about 2,000 cubic meters (2615 cubic yards) per hour. It has 10 times the capacity of the dredge that had been used previously. Six shipping containers and three breakbulk items were used to contain the dredge while it was transported aboard a container vessel from the Netherlands to Port Adelaide. From the port the equipment traveled by road, 330 kilometers (205 miles) to Cape Jaffa. On-site the dredge was assembled by a local crew and two Damen field service engineers.

Damen also delivered a cutter suction dredge 250 to Dredging Africa to be used for mining sand from the Ash River in Free State Province. The CSD will dredge fluvial sand deposits from the Ash River into the washing and screening plant of Bethlehem Quality Sand. The dredge can extract and pump about 1,000 cubic meters (1,307 cubic yards) of mixture per hour. The floating pipeline, with an internal diameter of 250 mm (9.8 inches), will start at just 100 meters (328 feet) in length. It connects to a 50-meter (164-foot) land line, which is directly connected to the sand classification plant. The plant can process 150 tons per hour; the excess material is dumped on a reserve stockpile. The sand will be used in the construction industry.

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