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SMS Avonmouth Completes Refit of Hopper Dredge City of Cardff

SMS Avonmouth, part of the Southampton-based SMS Group, has completed a major refit of the 72-meter (236-foot) hopper dredge City of Cardff for Tarmac. The refit was completed at Bristol Port.

Access work included the removal and repair of the hatches on machinery spaces, placement of a scaffold staircase in the hold and fabrication of a walkway around the upper funnel. SMS then overhauled the dredge pipe sliding piece and travelling discharge hopper. Mooring bollards and side handrails were repaired. Gland water pipework, the discharger torque arm, the trunnion carriage and the dredge pump were all serviced and repaired. The discharge grab closing winch drum was replaced and de-scaling was done on the calorifiers.

A separate team then overhauled the windlass brake, changed out the intermediate gantry hydraulic cylinder and drag head hydraulic cylinder and renewed the cheek plate. New EMS cables and energy chain cables were installed and fixed lifting points were load tested. Repairs were made to the bulkhead skirting in the accommodation and bridge, and to F/W filling pipework and valves.

While this refit was being undertaken, SMS also moved to a new 11,500- square-foot facility next to the port in Bristol to better meet the needs of its customers. SMS Avonmouth is now located at: Unit B, Motorway Distribution Centre, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9YT.

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