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Rotech Launches New Cable Grab System

Rotech Subsea Ltd. has launched a new cable grab system, the RSG1. Designed and manufactured by Rotech’s in-house research and development division, the RSG1 allows the company to now offer cable deburial, cutting, grabbing, recovery and backfilling service. The RSG1 can also be applied to umbilical recovery, pipeline recovery and rock removal/relocation.

“As well as deburying cable. we can now lift the cable for repair meaning. We are a one-stop shop for clients. This – along with the tool being deployed with two skilled operators, allowing for 24-hour operation – brings increased economies for clients,” said Stephen Cochrane, director of Rotech Subsea.

Rotech’s RSG1 can operate in depths from 0 to 200 meters (656 feet) with a grab diameter of 50 to 1100mm (1.9 to 43.3 inches) and a grip force of 50kN. It has real-time sonar monitoring with subsea camera and lights.

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