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Royal IHC to Offer General Dredging Course

Royal IHC will be holding its General Dredging Course from September 10 to 21 in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands. The course will provide an overview of different dredging processes, equipment and projects; identify dredging constraints; and explain the value of site investigation and surveying.

The two-week program will feature several field trips, a guest lecture about the Port of Rotterdam and a one-day simulator experience on an IHC Beaver cutter suction dredge.

The following topics will be covered during the two-week training:

  • Different dredging applications within a port;
  • Dredge project phases;
  • Dredging equipment types and boundaries for their use;
  • Scoping site conditions;
  • Fundamentals of hydrographic surveying;
  • Dredge project management including costs and contracts;
  • Fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps;
  • Environmental aspects of dredging.

The training is designed for management level professionals in dredging related industries, government officials, port and harbor authorities, offshore companies, construction companies, dredging contractors and other organizations. For more information click here.

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