The Sonny J of Vidalia Dock & Storage was built in 1960 by Barbour Metal Boat Works.

Vidalia Dock & Storage Repowers Mv. Sonny J

Vidalia (La.) Dock & Storage recently repowered the mv. Sonny J, a 63- by 21-foot towboat built in 1960 by Barbour Metal Boat Works. Purchased in 1993 from Jantran Inc., the vessel’s 640 hp. Cummins KTA19-M3 engines were replaced with Mitsubishi S6R-Y3MPTAW Tier III engines provided by Laborde Products. The engines are each rated 684 hp. at 1,800 rpm. with Twin Disc 7:1 transmissions.

The repower was performed by 363 Dry Dock, a subsidiary of Vidalia Dock, and overseen by its port engineer, Albert Smith. With a similar footprint, the 24.5-liter Mitsubishi engines were able to replace the 19-liter engines with ease, and reused most of the vessel systems including the transmissions, Smith said.

After a successful commissioning and inaugural inspection run around Vidalia’s fleeting space, vessel owner Carla Jenkins said the Sonny J “is a real beast. The Mitsubishi engines are the smoothest running engines I’ve ever experienced.”

Vidalia Dock & Storage provides harbor services, fleeting space for 100 barges, and drydock capability for boats and barges, as well as limestone sales. Laborde Products provides heavy-duty engines, diesel and natural gas-powered equipment, service and support to meet the needs of the marine and industrial markets. In addition to being an engine distributor, Laborde also offers a complete line of custom-packaged, engine-driven equipment.

Cutline for photo: The Sonny J was built in 1960 by Barbour Metal Boat Works.