Boskalis Signs Port of Bahía Blanca Dredging Contract

In July, Boskalis signed a dredging contract for the Argentinian Port of Bahía Blanca, one the nation’s key ports, which handles large grain, oil and fertilizer exports. The deal includes maintenance dredging in the access channels of the facility’s Port Belgrano Naval Base, Port Rosales, as well as ports Ingeniero White and Galván, and their respective accesses, said port administrator Consórcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca (CGPBB). CGPBB said dredging of the access channel of the Bahía Blanca port system, including the access channel of the Port Belgrano Naval Base, was expected to start in July. Dredging at the port’s other facilities, including ports Galván, Ingeniero White and Rosales, are forecasted to begin by November or December of this year. The Port of Bahía Blanca is Argentina’s major deep water port, and it can welcome vessels with a draft of more than 45 feet.

China Communications and Construction Company (CCCC), Van Oord and Marine Contractors were some of the other bidding companies in the tender.

Earlier in June this year, a consortium made up of Jan de Nul and Boskalis was awarded a maintenance dredging contract for the Port of Bahía Blanca. “The dredging works need to be performed with a 3 feet over depth, which will create a buffer in order to provide several months of draught certainty,” Jan de Nul said in a press-release at the time.