Royal IHC Building Vessels for DEME

Royal IHC has been contracted by DEME to design and build two trailing suction hopper dredges and two split barges. The order is specifically for an 8,400-cubic-meter and a 2,300-cubic-meter dredge and 3,500-cubic-meter split barges. The larger dredge is a copy of Royal IHC’s Scheldt River delivered in 2017 and winner of a “DPC Innovation Award” for the world’s first LNG-powered dredging vessel. The smaller dredge is designed for shallow water projects, while the barges are for use with backhoe, hopper and cutter suction dredges.

“IHC is proud that DEME has ordered four highly competitive new vessels. With this order, the number of trailing suction hopper dredgers in the fleet of DEME, designed and built by IHC, adds up to 21,” said Dave Vander Heyde, CEO of Royal IHC.