Cummins Introduces Tier 3 Engine For Commercial Marine Market Segments

Cummins Inc. announced August 31 that is introducing what it calls “a fuel- and cost-efficient version of its X15 engine” for commercial marine market segments, including inland waterways, commercial fishing and passenger transport. Cummins first unveiled the engine at Seawork International 2018, held in Southampton, U.K., July 3–5.

Cummins X15 for marine segments is designed to withstand high hour, continuous-duty operation with long life in mind, the company said. The engine will offer variable- and fixed-speed ratings between 450 hp. (336 kw.) and 600 hp. (447 kw.), while meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 and International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier II emissions standards.

“Our marine X15 engine is yet another example of Cummins’ continued investment in the marine market,” said Jim Schacht, executive director, Cummins Global Marine Business. “Following the introduction of our marine QSK95 engine, which has more power and durability than any other high-speed marine engine in its class, our new marine X15 engine reinforces our commitment to deliver the products our customers need to be successful.”

The X15 uses the latest Cummins fuel system product, XPI. This common rail system provides the highest injection pressure of any other common rail system resulting in an efficient fuel burn for clean emissions and optimized fuel economy.

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In addition to this latest fuel system technology, the marine X15 uses the Cummins engine control module CM2350. CM2350 provides advanced diagnostic and monitoring capability, as well as engine protection through de-rates and automated engine shutdowns to prevent catastrophic failures. The CM2350 technology also features fuel sensor monitoring, digital engine start/stop functionality, and gear pressure and temperature monitoring.

The first installation of Cummins X15 marine engines will take place in a Louisiana crew boat, replacing a dated non-Cummins engine. The engine will fit in place of various types of legacy engines. The X15 will save space in the engineroom and, says Cummins, will deliver cleaner emissions and better fuel economy at a continuous-duty power cycle.

Cummins has shipped 2 million 15L engines—using the same platform as the X 15—across multiple segments to date.