Mel Price Briefly Closed By Loose Barges

A tow that broke apart in transit temporarily closed Melvin Price Locks and Dam, just above St. Louis, Mo., on October 2.

At about 4:30 a.m., the mv. John D. Geary was making a southbound approach with a 15-loaded-barge tow to the main lock when the tow broke apart. Two strings of barges became wedged between the lower cell and short bullnose above dam gates 1 and 2.

The John D. Geary received assistance in rounding up the stray barges from the twin-screw, 660 hp. Jody McMinn and the twin-screw, 3,000-hp. mv. Deborah Miles, both operated by Magnolia Marine Transport Company, Jackson, Miss.

The lock chamber was reopened by 6 p.m, according to Corps of Engineers spokesman Scott Ross.