Colombia Starts Port of Barranquilla Dredging

Colombia’s river management authority, Cormagdalena, said in late September it started dredging the access channel at the Port of Barranquilla. Cormagdalena awarded the six-month project to DEME Group’s Dredging International in late May. The Colombian river management authority said DEME Group’s trailing suction hopper dredge Uilenspiegel is being used in the project. It will dredge the sections of Bocas de Ceniza between kilometers 14 and 15 of the port’s access channels. Pre-dredging bathymetry services near Bocas de Ceniza also took place in late September, Cormagdalena said. Dredging International expects to remove about 384,000 cubic meters (about 502,250 cubic yards) of sediment.