Dragados Hidráulicos SA Awarded Magdalena River Dredging Contract

Colombia’s river management authority, Cormagdalena, awarded a maintenance dredging contract to Colombia-based Dragados Hidraulicos SA in August.The four-month contract covers the sections of Barrancabermeja and Pinillos of the local Magdalena River. The maintenance dredging project is among several Cormagdalena plans to advance, following the suspension of a $861 million contract it had with Navelena, a consortium made up of Brazilian company Odebrecht and Colombia’s Valorcon, to dredge and restore navigability at the country’s Magdalena River. Dragados Hidraulicos SA outbid competitors Panamerican Dredging & Engineering, Consorcio Incomar, Consorcio Dragados Rahs, Unión Temporal Mantenimiento Río Magdalena 2018, and Consorcio Río Grande.