Brice Civil Constructors Contracted for Atchafalaya River Dredging

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District has awarded a Single Award Task Order Contract to Brice Civil Constructors Inc. to dredge the Atchafalaya River Bar Channel. Brice will construct a plant at the Halimar Shipyard, LLC in Morgan City, Louisiana, for treatment of the fluid mud, or fluff, that will be removed from the last 12 miles of the channel in the Gulf of Mexico. Specialty-built equipment will be used to reduce the density of the fluff. Brice anticipates it will take 150 days to procure, assemble and test the plant and will begin dredging immediately after.

The Corps will be issuing contracts for dredging the remainder of the channel, which will require cutterhead dredges to remove the sand. The dredging will take the channel to a consistent depth of 20 feet and width of 200 feet.