IADC’s Young Author Award to Be Presented at WODCON XXII

The International Association of Dredging Contractors (IADC) is again holdings its Young Author Award for authors under the age of 35 who are presenting their own papers at WODCON XXII (World Organization of Dredging Associations Conference). The award is designed to stimulate the promotion of new ideas and encourage young professionals in the dredging industry.

The award is given each year at a selected conference to recognize the best paper written or co-written and presented at the conference. In each case, the Conference Paper Committee recommends a winner whose paper makes a significant contribution to the literature of dredging and related fields. The winning author receives a statue and €1,000 ($1,140) and the paper is published in  IADC’s quarterly journal, Terra et Aqua.

To qualify for the award, papers must discuss topics related to dredging and reclamation in its widest sense, including operations, research, environmental aspects, management, financing and economic aspects, production control and equipment design/developments.

WODCON XXII will take place from April 25 to 29 in Shanghai, China. It is organized by the World Organization of Dredging Associations, China Dredging Association, and Eastern Dredging Association. This year’s theme is “Enhance the Harmony between Dredging and Ecology” and will include three main forums: ecological dredging makes the world a better place; the new era of intelligent dredging; and sustainable dredging and marine economic development.

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