AccuTRANS employees proudly display their 20th anniversary T-shirts. (Photo courtesy of AccuTRANS)
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AccuTRANS Reflects On 20 Years Of Service

For 20 years in the industry, AccuTRANS has excelled in what it does best—providing first-class service to its customers. To celebrate, the company held a crawfish boil and other employee parties earlier this year during its safety meetings.

AccuTRANS, which serves the Gulf Coast areas from Pensacola, Fla., to Brownsville, Texas, provides the service of highly-trained Tankermen Person in Charge (PICs). PICs are qualified in safe transfers of regulated and non-regulated liquid cargoes over water. The Coast Guard-certified men and women deliver quality service and are backed by a dynamic team from logistics to administration.

AccuTRANS said it had a humble upbringing when it first opened. Its roots are owed to the philosophy, dedication and perseverance of three key figures—Gary Osorno, founder; Dave Foreman, mentor; and Toni Macksey, an ambassador.

“Twenty years ago we started out as a mom-and-pop organization, branching off of an inspection and testing company that provided yet another necessary and viable service to the industry,” said Macksey, vice president of administration and compliance.

She said that she recalls challenges from first starting, which ranged from competition to gaining the trust of those in the industry. Early on, the company invested in tools, resources and philosophy to get to the next level. The company became part of The American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program, and for 12 years, has maintained certification.

Osorno, president of AccuTRANS, said that the company name comes from the idea that every single transfer needs to be precise and accurate. An accurate transfer blossomed into the current name of AccuTRANS. One of the main goals of the company, said Osorno, is to be the best and not the biggest.

Foreman, executive vice president, reflected on the lengthy discussions he had with Osorno about goals and the direction of the company. “Without quality, you can’t have a good business,” he said. “Quality of how one treats its customers and employees is what matters.”

Throughout the years, AccuTRANS strived to reach goals of providing the best tankerman service by ensuring quality and safety.

“To overcome these challenges we developed a criterion for our manpower, we set our goals to a higher standard to continuously improve placing safety our first priority, and we provided our customers with impeccable service,” said Macksey.

In a modest trailer located in Louisiana, all production and operations were administered from dispatching tankermen, completing payroll, and initiating customer sales. In 2006, a Houston office opened where the company established its operations headquarters and expanded. Within the next two years, the company grew quickly. Eventually, AccuTRANS opened three additional offices in Mobile, Ala.; and Beaumont and Corpus Christi, Texas.

The company said it provides employees with excellent benefits and competitive pay and has proven to have a flourishing culture. For three years, the New Orleans and Houston offices has been voted a “Top Workplace” in their respective areas. The staff enjoy company lunches, outings and training together. The company said it employs people with an entrepreneurial attitude and a mindset for continuous improvement.

Its core values, like family, caring and hard work, all shaped the company, it said. AccuTRANS said it and its team members pride themselves on setting a standard for leadership, safety, quality and delivering the best service there is to offer. The company said that it is dedicated to outreach and community involvement. In the past, the company has supported in the research and care for those stricken with Muscular Dystrophy, aided independent living efforts of disabled adults, supported relief efforts during Hurricane Isaac in 2012, subsidized education programs for children in Haiti, and funded continuous research for heart health and stroke prevention.