Barge Strikes Corps Vessel At Markland L&D

A barge towed by the mv. Mary Lucy Lane struck the mv. Gibson, a Corps vessel, causing significant damage to its pilothouse near the Markland Locks and Dam at approximately 3:40 p.m. on December 18. The mv. Mary Lucy Lane is owned by Canal Barge Company.

The Louisville Engineer District said that recovery efforts concluded the following day; however, the river was closed to all navigation in the area while the Corps and Coast Guard conducted a damage assessment. The river was expected to reopen by December 21.   

Both entities are also planning a recovery effort for a loose barge from a second, unrelated incident involving the mv. Jack James, operated by Tennessee Valley Towing, that occurred at 9:05 p.m. on December 19. The vessel was southbound pushing 14 barges when the starboard side of the lead barge on the middle string made contact with the auxiliary land-wall bullnose, according to the Corps. No further details of the second incident were released at press time.

The Markland Locks and Dam is located on the Ohio River at Mile 531.5 near Warsaw, Ky.